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Cloud Storage


What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud Storage enables the consolidation of hybrid data storage on a high-performance enterprise storage platform located in secure data centres. Regardless of where applications are running, data can be centralised, simplifying deployment and management of hybrid cloud environments and offering performance, compliance, security, and portability benefits.

What is Storage Centralisation?

Storage Centralisation enables data to be moved to a single storage site, either in the data centre or cloud with minimal impact on application performance and end user experience. It provides more control while helping to lower infrastructure costs and pressure on IT staff.

Available Technologies

Many cloud storage service providers can now ease the pain of data management by offering solutions that will deliver an end-to-end solution. With available technologies and solutions, you will now be able to consolidate, back-up, restore and store data to the cloud without impacting your end-user experience.

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NBN – Before you get connected


Over the next two years, 4 million homes are due to be connected to the NBN so you could be next to make the move. Here’s what you need to consider before you get connected:

  1. Understand the technology available at your addressCheck your home or business address at There are six different technology types with different connection requirements and different speeds.


  1. Can you keep your current plan?Depending on your internet service provider and your existing plan, you might be able to move across to NBN without having to re-contract or change your plan.If you are already on an nbn-ready plan, your internet service provider might send you a Connection Kit (modem, phone, installation instructions) in the mail with everything you need to make the move. If you are on an older plan, you may need to move onto a new NBN bundle plan. Contact AK Technologies for advice on the right plan for you.
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How NBN could boost your business?


It doesn’t matter if you’re a one-man business operator or a large enterprise; a faster internet connection can change how you communicate with your clients and suppliers and customers and can open up new opportunities and increase your revenue.

Mainly, three nbn-based services will drive transformation across businesses over the next few years and these are Cloud computing, e-Commerce and Remote Working. We describe each below:

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Data Science Improving Sports


In the last couple of years, many sports clubs have been signing deals Universities allowing teams, coaches and athletes to have access to world-class sport scientists at the universities at an unprecedented level. Such partnerships are seen as a knowledge exchange relationship to develop players to their full potential and to improve team performance during competitions and sports seasons. Usually, sports scientists and researches shuffle their time between university and training fields, to collect data on players and analyse it to help the club with key decision making.

Over the past decade, sport science technology has advanced and changed dramatically, however the biggest game-changer as a practical application and tool is GPS technology. GPS has revolutionised most team sports where it measures every step athletes take when in training and on game day via GPS technology installed in athletes jumpers. GPS technology has shifted data analysis from pen and paper to real-time sense of how players are performing. Video is also one of the biggest data collection sources where sensors are installed on floors to measure the force players can produce during training sessions. Available self-service systems also collects medical data such as muscle strength and allow players to enter their own data which enables sports scientists to provide information and insights to coaches and also to identify weak spots and help players work on any issues before game days.

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Our Business Tech Trend Predictions for 2017


As the pace of technology change continues at high speed, AK Technologies are looking to the future to understand and explain how technology is transforming businesses and the ways they operate.

Next year promises to bring just as many changes to the business as we saw this year.

Digital transformation keeps progressing, driven in part by services increasingly moving to the cloud and networks becoming more flexible as Software Defined Networking solutions are rolled out.

While trends don’t exactly follow calendar years, here are the top five we think will have a marked impact on businesses in the coming year.
Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence

The mass introduction of Artificial Intelligence systems will enable greater interaction between connected machines to deliver improvements in for resource management and utilisation. Human-to-robot interactions will start to proliferate in business process as inroads to voice response technology create more sophisticated human-like ‘chat bots’.

Digital transformation

Acceleration of digitisation will be a top priority for many business leaders in 2017 to meet the ever-growing demand for customers for a digital-first experience and to take advantage of new technologies such as cloud and software defined networks. As businesses interact with the new digital world, they will need to draw value from data and improve decision making, consuming and analysing the large amounts of data, including interactions between complex systems to provide a better experience to their staff and customers.

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The Five Knows of Cyber Security


Cyber Security covers five simple concepts:

1. Know the value of your data

Remember, information is an asset and this includes your personal, business and client information. The loss of some information may not seem important, however, when combined with other information it may become an asset to a criminal organisation.

Valuable information can include:

* Personal records (date of birth, addresse, account details and call records)
* Credit card and payment data (card numbers, expiry dates and payment records)
* Business information (business plans, confidential product information, legal advice, internal business rules and processes, client address books, critical network information and long term strategic plans)

2. Know who has access to your data

Know who uses the data and information to run your business. Different people may require access to information for different purposes.

3. Know where your data is

Information can be located in many different places.

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From IT Service Provider to Innovative Partner

Crystal Globe - Europe and Africa

Many clients approach our Network Transformation team with a dilemma – how to combat competition from digitally-savvy start-ups. Many business owners don’t know where to start and when they approach AK Technologies, our team immediately respond with “we can help with that!”.

The challenge

Small Businesses face competition from smaller competitors who are engaging consumers via digital channels. Due to the size of these competitors, they are able to operate with greater speed and agility, which helps them to roll out new products faster and engage with customers on a more personal level. If small businesses are to remain competitive and thrive in this environment, they must adopt a ‘start-up’ mentality and prioritise speed, innovation and digital communication.

The solution

Our team at AK Technologies go beyond our typical scope to act as innovation coaches and pitch instructors to assist our clients develop their game-changing ideas, using a design thinking framework, and then bring their ideas to life by implementing some of the latest innovative solutions and technologies available in the market. Businesses who are serious about embracing innovation choose AK Technologies as their innovative partner to help bring their ideas to life and to assit their business achieve greater success.

If you want to embark on a business innovation journey and not quite sure where to start, then our team would love to help you. Contact us today!

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Ransomware Attacking Australian Businesses


Australian and New Zealand businesses are being hit with a ransomware campaign, according to Trend Micro.

First detected in February, the ransomware, dubbed Crysis, is now targeting the two nations via remote desktop protocol (RDP) brute force attacks.

The Crysis ransomware is spread through spam and targets are infected by clicking on a trojanised attachment – disguised with the use of double file extensions so the malware is perceived as a non-executable. The malware also can be delivered when recipients visit compromised websites that disseminate phony installers for legitimate programs and apps.

The researchers detected the malware in cyberattacks using brute-forced RDP credentials and saw it execute via a redirected drive from the source computer.

RDP, a Windows component, enables users to connect to another computer through a network connection. The interface has been targeted previously in targeted attacks in order to siphon out data to sell on underground markets, as well as to enlist victim computers into botnets from which to launch future attacks.

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Electronics Reuse & Recycling Strategy


While we reap the benefits of the rapid evolution of technology, electronic waste, or e-waste, has now become Australia’s fastest growing waste stream.

There are many steps you can take to extract value and harness the benefits of electronics reuse and recycling, while ensuring secure and responsible disposal practices.

Here’s five to get started:

  1. Do not dispose of e-waste in the rubbish. Book an e-waste recycling collection or drop off at your local e-waste drop off points or recovery centre.
  2. Look in your draws at home and at work.  See those old mobiles! Drop them in at your local e-waste collection centre for free recycling.
  3. If you’re in the market for a new device, first consider the options. Can you return or trade-in your working device? Trade-in keep devices working longer.
  4. Consult the Recycling Near You website for lots of good information on e-waste recycling, takeback and donation programs.
  5. Any brand of handheld battery can be recycled including AA, AAA, C, D and 9V sized batteries (rechargeable and non- rechargeable)
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