Over the next two years, 4 million homes are due to be connected to the NBN so you could be next to make the move. Here’s what you need to consider before you get connected:

  1. Understand the technology available at your addressCheck your home or business address at www.nbn.com.au. There are six different technology types with different connection requirements and different speeds.


  1. Can you keep your current plan?Depending on your internet service provider and your existing plan, you might be able to move across to NBN without having to re-contract or change your plan.If you are already on an nbn-ready plan, your internet service provider might send you a Connection Kit (modem, phone, installation instructions) in the mail with everything you need to make the move. If you are on an older plan, you may need to move onto a new NBN bundle plan. Contact AK Technologies for advice on the right plan for you.

  1. Check your hardware and its location

     Modem: Depending on your NBN technology type and your existing plan, you might need a new modem. Your internet service provider might supply this at no extra cost.
If you have a big home or you connect many internet devices at once, you might consider upgrading to a more advanced modem.

     Home Phone: After connecting to NBN, your home phone needs to be connected directly to your modem, not the phone jacks you currently use. It is recommended                to consider wireless handsets if you would like to setup your phone away from your modem. If you’re taking up a Voice Standard plan on FTTP technology, the handset             needs to be plugged directly into the nbn device attached to the wall.


  1. Do it yourself?Most people choose to self-install their new modem but if you have a more complicated set up, you might want to consider arranging a professional install. Contact AK Technologies to book your professional install appointment.


  1. Do you have an alarm and security system?Many alarms and security systems run on the copper network and will also need to transition to the NBN network. So if you have an alarm or security system, we advise you to speak with your provider to check compatibility before you move across.