Hardware failures, viruses, theft, flooding, fire and even employee tampering have contributed to 80% of businesses losing important IT data over the last 6 years. Of the ones with no Offsite or Online backup, theft and fire left the businesses with absolutely no means of retrieving their important data which was gone forever!

Offsite Backups
Offsite Backups are backups of your important files and databases that are stored on media like Tape or Hard Drives, and stored in a location different from the business address.

Although this backup means is employed by many companies today, it is often expensive and sometimes unreliable, as the responsibility of checking backup validity is left to company staff and is sometimes missed or forgotten all together.

Online Backups
Online Backups are where files, programs, databases or even the entire hard drive contents are regularly backed up on a remote server via a private network or internet connection. Generally, before the data is sent to the online Data Protection Servers, it is encrypted using complex algorithms to ensure your data is safe during transmission.

This type of backup is becoming the new standard in data protection and disaster recovery. Our Managed Backup Service will provide daily online copy of your data and the online backup process is totally managed by us. This takes away the burden and responsibility out of your hands and leaves it in the hands of our trained IT professionals. You will not need to worry about your backups again!