Many small and medium size businesses tend to turn a blind eye when it comes to Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) planning. Many researches show that only a small percentage of businesses that suffered from a catastrophic data loss are able to survive.

AK Technologies can help you and your business prepare for disruptive events such as malicious attacks, hardware failures, human error events, or natural disasters. Our preparation techniques includes:

  1. Planning prevention methods for your business to avoid a disaster scenario
  2. Ensuring that you are equipped with the right tools to detect network issues
  3. Planning for corrective measures that can fix your problems in the shortest time possible.

At AK Technologies, we take the potential for disaster and recovery (DR) of our clients systems and data very seriously and we provide this service as a key component of our Managed Services offering.

Our approach is to explain to you in simple terms that within the areas of DR, there are many options and configurations that can be considered. Your choice of solution will usually be based on ‘Speed of Recovery Required’ versus ‘Cost of Recovery Solution’. However, when you consider that your company may never be able to return to normal trading, the cost of the recovery solution can be academic, especially after the event.

There are many different options available to consider when it comes to ‘Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity’ and we can outline, design and recommend the DR solution that best suits your business.