The world is changing at pace, and so too are the risks to your valuable information assets and business. The change of technology use is occurring in a global environment where the threat landscape has intensified and the likelihood of an attack on an organisation’s information systems, regardless of size or industry, has increased significantly.

Cyber-attack and ransom-ware incidents are reported by the media frequently. Many of these incidents were the direct result of a vulnerability in the organization’s technology, people or a process and accordingly, organisations are faced with the task of ensuring that their technology platforms are designed, integrated, and operational in a secure manner.

AK Technologies have proven capabilities and credentials in threat analysis, vulnerability assessment and solution design to ensure your valuable information and business are well protected against security breaches and external attacks.

Our security experts can deliver the skills, expertise and technology to help you reduce the cost and complexity of securing your infrastructure and they have solid experience with a large portfolio of managed security services as follows:

  1. Data Security
  2. Endpoint Security
  3. Managed Security
  4. Application Security
  5. Secure Mobility and Cloud
  6. Network Infrastructure Security
  7. Identity and Access Management
  8. IT Security Governance, Risk Management and Compliance